Generalizing Controller Input

 Posted by at 12:09 am  XNA DotA
Dec 242010

For quite projects now I’ve been trying to use a single Input Class to handle all user input. The overall goal for this class is to have the ability to drag and drop the class from project to project with minimal changes. This also allows changes to the controls without having to go into each object to update a control system change.

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Getting Blender Models into XNA

 Posted by at 10:00 pm  XNA DotA
Dec 202010

Not really being a animator/modeler myself I have to rely on what I can easily learn from the internet. The quickest and, more importantly, cheapest way for me to make models is to use Blender. I mostly just made fairly simple 3D primitives, which works for me until I start getting the engine under enough control that a modeler can just drop complex models in. Continue reading »